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Vigorously developing the logistics industry, promote the integration of resources

Nagqu area in areas such as taxation, loan interest rates provide incentives and support, and in policies, public opinion guiding SMEs ' access to distribution centers. Encourage and support cross-industry, cross, cross ownership of the relevant industry sector of business flow, flow, information flow and capital flow as one of social distribution center. In the form of the development of logistics centers, distribution centers, depending on the situation, according to local conditions, implementation of horizontal mergers and vertical integration, and gradually developed into a large logistics centre with regional distribution center support, integrated logistics center combined with the professional distribution center, socialization, joint logistics distribution center of functional integration of logistics and distribution system.
Further enrich the connotation of the modern logistics industry, to the Qinghai-Tibet Railway logistics center focused on small towns and traffic is relatively easy to rely on, and actively implement the cold chain infrastructure, improve the cooling, refrigeration and storage facilities and equipment such as transport, gradual implementation of the cold chain logistics system. Through standard specification for cold chain logistics operation and specialization of the cold chain industry, rapidly improving cold chain industry standards and core competencies in the area. Combination of market demand, moderate standard cold chain logistics barriers to entry, speed up the circulation of cold chain management, promoting the development of cold chain logistics industry, making it the naqu logistics value-added industries.
Pay attention to the rural logistics, promote the coordinated development of regional logistics; in-depth study on reform and development of means of production circulation areas, innovative methods of distribution; the development of electronic commerce, logistics and distribution, chain operation, and modern methods of distribution such as Agency, promoting the standardization of logistics and information technology, strengthen the development and use of advanced logistics technologies according to enterprise's logistics demand, vigorously develop value-added, innovative businesses, cultivate new growth points.

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