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Understanding the development of green logistics at abroad

With the advent of increasingly serious environmental problems, in the mid 1990 of the 20th century, in some developed areas there were "green logistics" concept.
Green logistics is the logistics process in curbing logistics activities harmful to the environment at the same time, realize the logistics environment purification, logistics and the best use of resources. From this definition, the Green logistics, as the name suggests is the concept into symbiosis with environment-friendly, sustainable development of logistics activities. As with the environmental characteristics of logistics, it is to reduce environmental pollution, reduce the consumption of resources as the goal, through advanced technology, logistics, transport, storage, packing, loading and unloading, and effectively manage all aspects of circulation, improved resource utilization, and minimizing environmental impact of logistics activities.
At the time of green logistics in China is on the rise, a step ahead of some countries have studied and practice of green logistics, and made great achievements.
United States was one of the first countries to develop the logistics industry. Logistics highly developed social environment, the United States Government through macroeconomic policy guidance, establishing the socio-economic strategic goals for the development of modern logistics development, whose close-range vision and goals are very clear. United States the national transport development strategy of science and technology, provides transport overall objectives of scientific and technological progress is "building safe, efficient, adequate and reliable transport system, its scope is international, and is comprehensive, is characterized by intelligence, are environment-friendly. "Under the guidance of the development goals, general business in the real logistics activity, in terms of logistics, distribution, packaging and other applications of many advanced technologies, such as electronic data interchange, the JIT production, distribution planning, green packaging, logistics activities provide strong technical support and guarantee of green.
Europe is the early introduction of "logistics" concept of one of the, and was an early pioneer in the application of modern technology in logistics management. As in the 1980 of the 20th century, Europe began to explore a new Alliance or collaborative logistics systems, namely, integrated logistics and supply chain management. Its purpose is to achieve the integration of logistics and information flow between consumers and suppliers, strengthening cooperation between enterprises in the circulation process, alter the dispersion of enterprise logistics management, through forms of cooperation to achieve impossible logistics efficiency, thereby reducing the environmental impact of logistics of disorder.
Recently, Europe has put forward an overall transport security plans, to monitor the ship running. By measuring the movement of the ship, the ship and the change of the water condition, can provide sufficient information to avoid accidents; or in the aftermath of the accident, the ability to adopt emergency measures. The purpose of this program is to try to avoid or reduce pollution of the marine environment.
European of transport and logistics industry organization--European goods generation organization also is attention green logistics of development, on transport, and handling, and management process developed out corresponding of green standard, strengthening Government and Enterprise Association on green logistics of guide and planning role, while encourages enterprise using green logistics of new concept (focus is planning and built logistics facilities Shi, should and protection environment combined up; limit against human ecological most serious of highway transport of development, vigorously advance railway electrified transport) to carried out logistics activities, More on green logistics research and application of new technologies, such as transport planning studies, develop green packaging materials.

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