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Small and micro enterprises hope to open shipping lanes

Talk about difficulties of the logistics industry, in the eyes of jiaji Express, most need to be addressed is the lack of logistics planning. Jia JI express Beijing Carrefour, Walmart and other large consumer goods urban distribution, there are 120 cars. Yong Lei the most envy are dedicated bus lanes. He said, overall planning of urban distribution does not, a large number of Gold Cup cars, mini vans rushing headlong into mass action, resulting in the unnecessary waste of logistics costs.
"5-ton trucks transported goods, but the 4-5 Gold Cup cars to transport. "Yong Lei an account, the former a car per km fuel consumption 1 x 4 versus 8 hairs, but needs 4-5 Gold Cup, Gold Cup win 5 tons of cargo, fuel consumption will be more than twice times truck. Yong Lei believes that city management ignored the urban distribution this one.
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Money management difficult to expand dare not join
Sample: Beijing star courier faces dilemma: can't develop franchisee collection payment mode, slower expansion
Morning star rush closed in Beijing recently, become the event of Express. Industry analysts, the main reason is that it expanded too much, absorbing a large number of franchisee does collecting payment, if they cannot receive these payment by the amount of time, it is easy to cause capital chain rupture failure.
General Manager of the Beijing stars express party case also concerns the matter, "dare not to develop, we'll just be direct, but it's much slower. "
According to him, with the rapid development of electronic commerce, they express in Beijing soared to tens of thousands of tickets a day, is nearly a hundredfold in the past. Yan Kay said, such a good market environment, but due to the franchisee to collecting money management is difficult to manage, many do a certain amount of courier enterprises not bigger.
Urban distribution management pilot before opening in Beijing "goods"
"Beijing Jia JI express reflect this question is very timely. "Yesterday, Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Logistics Association zhaona told this huaxi City newspaper reporter," countries have already started focusing on the issue of urban distribution management, pilot will have two cities, Beijing is the first, we are in the process of this piece of tube. "
According to Zhao Nan introduced, they have asked the companies to report number of vehicles, "we will report the situation and development of Beijing urban distribution criteria, including advertising, distribution routes, and so on. To urban delivery vehicle will have differences with other vehicles, will have a uniform color, pattern, like taxis, we call it ' the goods '. ”

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