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Integration in the bigger and stronger

In other counties, enterprises also carry the banner of the logistics industry, whether yellow triangle event logistics center of leling, or Yucheng international trading port, one famous name has become Golden card of the local logistics industry. At the end of May, the city has built and invested billions of Yuan a large logistics projects under construction nearly 20, logistics park 20. These large projects and large parks have been established, which optimize the structure of the logistics industry. Large projects can produce strong financial strength, advanced management concepts, further accelerating the pace of the logistics industry to modern logistics in our city.
Professional logistics from traditional logistics currently under construction ProLogis logistics park project in qihe County, from the date of signing, attracting the city's vision of the logistics industry.
Adidas, 320 partner companies such as Samsung, Volkswagen, a business network of radiation in dozens of countries in Asia, Europe, North America ... ... Settled near ProLogis Logistics Park, with a dazzling digital display being strengths of large multinational logistics enterprises, more people experience a professional logistics of infinite charm.
In recent years, with the deepening of economic development, "all-inclusive" or "small and all-inclusive" traditional logistics industry cannot meet the industry's needs. In response to this reality, in 2011, the Municipal Government launched "10+3" modern industrial research program, as a key pillar of the development of the modern logistics industry, developing strategic reserve logistics, logistics, industrial and agricultural logistics in e-commerce.
Since the establishment of the logistics industry, the city's modern logistics (business) projects 53. Which, in strategy material reserves logistics aspects, in the storage grain, and in the storage cotton, multiple big project came; industrial logistics aspects, except ProLogis project outside, also has Pingyuan County of steel Logistics Park, multiple project landing; agricultural logistics aspects, relies on snow Ficus biological, a agricultural industrialization project of rise, I city in cold chain logistics aspects quickly essay; in e-commerce field, Alibaba group, and Jingdong Mall, and Qingdao General added, more than well-known enterprise also have will eye into better JI.
Along with a growing number of professional logistics projects have settled in various counties, the city's rapid transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry. I, some big companies are also beginning to change traditional concepts of autonomic logistics system in the past, working with third-party logistics enterprise cooperation. Under the combined effect of these new trends, started toward the high end of the logistics industry in the city, specialization, information systems, parks, international modern logistics industry.
Sold from warehouse to service
"We not only sell shop, built warehouses, more rooms at the merchant to provide long-term services to create good investment platform. "In Decheng District project construction site in Northeast China, Fang Fang, head of the project before the rows are repair shops said. According to her, the Northeast cities of the future will become a "collection of products, commodities trading, online trading, exchange of information, financial services, logistics, education, hotels, Office and residential function to one of international trade logistics base."
Perfect management system, information service platform to provide customers from warehouse to supply chain solutions, which are characteristic of the modern logistics industry. In recent years, the city's logistics industry is providing a single transportation or warehousing services to continue to progress in this direction.

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