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China's logistics and purchasing information meeting

International financial crises continue to cause serious impacts to China's iron and steel industry, steel and steel trade enterprise market faces serious risks and challenges. How to speed up the pace of consolidation and restructuring to establish large-scale modern steel logistics centre of industrial development, a more advanced operation mode, to create modern steel Logistics Park, our steel trading business integration and optimization of the resources are national steel logistics needed to solve the problem. While facing the metals distribution industry is facing severe tests, how to grasp the opportunities and challenges, and create a harmonious win-win steel distribution services value chain? How to save the steel industry growing, traditional metal logistics industry into the age of information? Is a research topic of discussion at the current Conference.
Includes a main venue of the Summit on the first day of the four chambers, each Conference were keynote 5-7 entrepreneurs. 3G communications and Summit contributed significantly to e-commerce, technology, construction, procurement, and supply chain and Logistics Park of Internet linkage, the metals distribution industry and the logistics industry Informationization development. Summit invites well-known business leaders and experts, international butt local enterprises effective cooperation model of logistics enterprises, leading the enterprise logistics information technology application development, attracted attention from the media at home and abroad, and was first introduced to the foreign investment agency, the financial media, the international professional advisory bodies to join, Hubei iron and steel distribution companies to the country.
Summit Awards Dinner held on the first day 2012 China logistics information best enterprises and 2012 the excellent logistics information service providers announced, huarong logistics Corporation, Wuhan of Hubei Province of century logistics, Ltd, Hubei iron and Steel Technology Corporation, Wuhan China-Super-trade company 18 Enterprise award.
The "informatization promotion conference logistics and purchasing in China logistics enterprises CIO Summit" since 2009, has been staged in Beijing, Zhejiang, Henan, held three sessions. The Summit by China Ministry of industry and information technology, logistics and purchasing association and co-sponsored by the Hubei provincial people's Government, the Wuhan municipal people's Government, China's logistics industry, logistics and procurement services center network, Hubei Province metal Association, Hubei China Financial Corporation to host. Relevant industry associations, colleges as well as manufacturing, Commerce, logistics software industry, mobile, telecom operators, China Unicom and other support.

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