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Shanghai better JI fast shipped limited established Yu 1994, is a to highway transport mainly, and camp aviation, and shipping of national network type transport company, is national ranked three methyl of modern of large third party logistics enterprise, Shanghai better JI fast shipped, and better JI fast shipped, and Shanghai better JI logistics, and better JI logistics, and Shanghai better JI fast shipped phone, and Shanghai better JI logistics phone, and has domestic most advanced of transport tool and management facilities.
Jia JI express limited company with registered capital of RMB 100 million Yuan; now has a staff of nearly all men, including highly educated, high grade, nearly half of logistics professionals; in 2005, nearly 1000 outlets; more than more than 3,000 vehicles, 95% above is the standard box-type trucks, bus is about more than 1200 vehicles, delivery vehicles in the city around 1800. Vehicles owned can be leveled over more than 1500 2005 transport revenue of over 1 billion yuan, the pace of development to increase growth rates of more than 30% a year.
As a modern large third-party logistics company, has a huge fleet, on a highway in the country, can be seen jiaji transportation vehicles. In fleet management systems, throughput, storage area, and so on, are able to meet the needs of different customer groups; in terms of risk, through the strong overall support, fully protect the interests of customers, reduces transport risks, Jia JI clients not to worry about.

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